"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future." ​- Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Meet The Team
Simmy Cheema
 Simmy was born in Punjab, but as an “Army Brat”, moved frequently and lived in many parts of India where she learned to speak Punjabi, Hindi and English. Simmy’s career as a performer began at age 11, when she played the starring role in “Snow White and the 7 Dwarves”. An accomplished sitar player and vocalist, Simmy’s education was focused on the Fine Arts, for which she won scholarships.
Simmy loves adventure and traveled extensively before falling in love with BC and moving to Canada.

Her broadcasting career took off in 1995, she began hosting her own programs after which her distinctive style and melodic voice immediately won listeners over. Simmy is working as a radio host on RJ1200 and also a part-time support worker for abused women and children. She has a segment on OMNI as well. Simmy believes that everyone is born with a special gift that they have to share with the world. Her true passion lies in directing and producing Close Look and Desi Close Look shows. She strongly believes that “if you can conceive it, you can achieve it.”
Sahil Sharma
 “Innovation & Creativity” have no rules. That’s a rule!
Living by the rule above,  Sahil Co-Founded the award-winning media based Social Enterprise, Close Look Productions- Canada. His exploratory & creative journey till date has reflected his real being through various roles from being a percussionist to acting in school plays, writing & recording poetry, advertising, & media production.

An MBA graduate from Vancouver Island University & a professional in Talent & Leadership Development (CTDP), Sahil is also the author of the book “Please Step Forward. You Are About To Change!”.


He lends & shares his vision of spreading the music of inspiration & talent around through Close Look.
Born and brought up in India, Sunny completed his MBA in Finance And Marketing from Chandigarh, decided to come to Canada to explore new opportunities .

Sunny believes in taking chances and making his dreams come true through hard work, persistence and dedication. He believes in openness and adaptation to change. Sunny’s life took a new direction when he saw himself involved in Close Look project.

By listening to motivational stories of youngsters he also decided to pursue his true passion. He has become a very important part of Close Look team now. He always says that ,”if there is a problem, there is a solution.”

Kevin Atwal
 Kevin Atwal was a young energetic, enthusiastic and positive 26 year old. He had spent 5 years at the University of Victoria studying a wide variety of fields. His moving away from home for school at the age of 18 in conjunction with life lessons and his studies had made him the strong willed, respectful grateful person he was till his last day of this life.

Kevin had many passions and interests that kept him, his friends and family entertained. Traveling, cooking, dancing and swimming were only the tip of the ice berg. 

We may not see this talented gentleman around us anymore but we feel his presence around that motivates us to go forward & spread our love & his associated vision in this world.
Nesan Furtado
 Nesan Furtado is an aspiring journalist who is currently in the process of obtaining a joint major in Communications and Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University. Placing his education and work ethic into everything he does he strives to one day get himself into the broadcast booth as a play by play commentator in a major league sport.

Outside of school Nesan enjoys quiet evenings with a cup of tea and any type of new music he can find. He is excited to be apart of the close look family and is dedicated to hearing of the many walks of life that exist in his home town.
Terri Siduquay
“Together we can make the world a better place full of love and happiness” -Terri

Terri Siduquay is a positive, loving, confident woman committed to living her passions! She is an actress,
singer and model who believes in going for your dreams! Acting is her first love; she won “Most
Inpirational Actress” at Frank Hurt and has worked on independent films. In June 2015, Terri was on
the cover of Desi Today Magazine and is working on her new single “Love Mirage”.

She is currently Miss Surrey Petite 2015/16. Terri loves helping the community and others as together we can all make the world a better place full of love and happiness. She firmly stands by “being the change you want to see in the world”. She believes in living life to the fullest, enjoying every moment and following her heart! She also volunteers at Access Youth Outreach. Terri is excited to be a part of the Close Look family and support the community in their aspirations!
Sukha Kang
 Our Desi Close Look host, Sukha Kang came from India in 2007. He started driving a 5 ton truck and very soon opened his own company JVC Excavating and Demolition. He is a good writer and loves to sing too. Simmy believed in him and knew that one day he will shine like a star. Today he is well recognized in the south asiancommunity.
Richard Tichelman
Natalia loves exploring new ways to epress herself artisitically and so when the producer of Close Look TV, Simmy Cheema asked her to join the Close Look team – Natalia jumped at the opportunity. It is a great way to share artists with the public and inspire viewers to devlop their talents as well. Natalia is very excited for this new journey in her artistic career.

Natalia is an award winning artist, winning several awards for composition and in her work for music education. She also holds nominations from the Vancouver Island Music Awards, CanadianMusic.com, and holds a nomination for the Grammy Music Education Award. She is active as a performer and music educator.
I joined Close Look not just because of the things they stand for and the people they help, but because Close Look as a family. A family that when I first met them they welcomed with open arms and I am blessed to be able to work with them.

Alysha was born and raised in Canada. After completing high school, Alysha moved on to receiving her diploma in Law Enforcement from the Justice Institute of B.C. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering, sports and going on adventures. Her passion is to help individuals struggling with mental health issues through her lived experience with it. She also hopes to help our younger generations reach their full potential and make their dreams become their reality.

I decided I wanted to be part of close look because I want to help youth become excited about their futures and motivate them to become something spectacular in life. I want youth to use their life experiences to assist them in reaching their full potential. Close Look helps inspires our youth to be the best they can be! 

Payal Chopra
Payal is an MBA in marketing with her double graduation in Economics and Korean language and Culture.

Her interest in different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities keeps her connected with variety of people and events. She has been living in Canada for close to a decade. And her experience in writing and skills development is more than that.

She has worked with  different brands in  training  senior leaders. These brands include,  Coke, HP, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase and more.

Payal is also a host for Close Look's TV show. In her free time, she likes to express on canvas. She believes, "Everyone has a child inside; keep him alive".
Kyle Vermani
Kyle is a teenage boy born in Vancouver who loves to be socially involved. From the age of six Kyle has had a keen interest of music and is currently training  in Indian Classical form. Kyle believes in trying as many new things as possible and hopes to pursue a career involved with business. With his work at CloseLook, Kyle hopes to bring talent and stories to the community.